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   Our day started with a trip to Kinko's and then the F.D.N.Y. station on 8th Avenue. Engine 54, Truck 4, Battalion 9. The crew from this station had helped Dave with many segments on the show. On September 11, they lost 15 members. Sharon knocked on the door and explained why we were there. We were let into the station to take pictures of their pole that was used in a Top Ten List and the station. There were a couple of memorials. I took a picture of one and was about ready to take a picture of the other when Sharon showed me a handwritten sign on the side of this formal memorial. The sign read simply "No Photos Please" and I was able to keep from taking what was not meant to be. Near the end of our visit, the ladder truck returned with a large crew. Pictures all around with some other tourists that happened by. The generosity of time and interest by the men was amazing. We will never forget.

        Joe Angelini       Carl Asaro
     Mike Brennan      Al Feinberg    
                 Ed Geraghty     
      Paul Gill       Jose Guadalupe    
        Mike Haub      Mike Lynch      
                Dan O'Callaghan
      Sam Oitice    Len Ragaglia
     Chris Santora      John Tipping
                 Dave Wooley   



Original sliders



Top Ten Fun Things To Yell While Sliding Down A Fire Pole presesnted by NY Firefighters from Ladder 4, Engine 54-  (January 29, 1999 -show #1158)

10. "It's hosin' time!"
 9. "Bladder infection."
 8. "Why are we rushing? It's only     Letterman's house."
 7. "Last one to the fire truck has gotta     clean the dalmation."
 6. "I love friction."
 5. "Quit playing games with my heart."
 4. "Geraldo."
 3. "Stairs are for cops."
 2. "If it wasn't for this, I'd have no sex     life at all."
 1. "You've got pole."

               Not a Dalmation


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