The Late  Show 
with David Letterman
dedicated the #1895,
October 30, 2002,
show to an appearance by Warren Zevon. 

The general content of the Late Show is summarized in Alan's LSQG post in .


The music content for the show is documented, in afl, in the Micah Bumpers post.

Balcony seats
WARREN ZEVON                                stage right...
October 30, 2002                
Alan in white.
Warren Zevon visited with David Letterman
                                  and performed three songs on camera.



 THE SHOW :  The Late Show with David Letterman & Warren Zevon   

      The time had come to pick up our tickets. We were told to get them no later than 4:30. Later than most other tickets as we were on the "CBS Guest" list. We were greeted outside the doors by Christina & Hanni who checked our IDs and gave us the tickets with the notation of what list we had been on. There were people standing in line on the sidewalk that had already picked up their tickets and were waiting to get in. We went into the Manhattan Chili Company again for the bathroom stop and drinks. After sitting down, another couple sat next to us and we talked about going to the show. They had "dots" on their tickets that would allow them to get in earlier than the "regular" audience.

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