Bumpers #131 - Friday 11.1.02 - Show #1897
Guests: Don Rickles, Jim Gaffigan
Plus: CBS Mailbag


= ACT 1
Crossover Tune    ~   "Muskrat Ramble"
CBS Mailbag       ~   "Please Mr. Postman", Marvelettes ("Please Mr.
Postman", 1961)
During Mailbag    ~   "Come Dancing", Kinks ("State of Confusion", 1983)
                          ~   "Dizzy Miss Lizzy", Larry Williams ("Here's
Larry Williams", 1959)
End of ACT 1 CB  ~   "Schism", Tool ("Lateralus", 2001)
= ACT 2
Will It Float?         ~    Variation of "You Got Me Floatin'", Jimi
Hendrix ("Axis: Bold as Love", 1967)
TTL Outro Music   ~   "Great Balls of Fire"
End of ACT 2 CB  ~   "At Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up)", Rufus &
Khan ("Ask Rufus", 1977)
= ACT 3
Don Rickles Ent.  ~   (unsure, but often discussed)
End of ACT 3 CB  ~   "Hey Pocky A-Way", Meters ("Rejuvenation", 1974)
= ACT 4
End of ACT 4 CB  ~   "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know", Blood, Sweat
& Tears ("Child is Father to the Man", 1968)
= ACT 5
ACT 5 Sweep       ~   (same as above)
= ACT 6
Jim Gaffigan Ent.  ~   "Pink Houses", John Cougar Mellencamp ("Uh-Huh",
1983), a song I heard live at Farm Aid 2002.  Yeehaw.  End of ACT 6 CB  ~
  "Could You Be Loved", Bob Marley & the Wailers ("Uprising", 1980)


<> Mulligan's always money in the bank, I tell ya.
<> I'm enjoying the color of Rickles' jacket there.  <> I saw part of
"Regis and Kelly" this morning, and their "Travel Trivia" phone contestant
was from Montana.  Regis proceeded to ask if she lived near Dave, and she
said, with a "uh, duh" kind of tone in her voice, "Um, I don't think David
Letterman *lives* in Montana" ... anyways, Regis pointed out that Daddy
owns a ranch, or what not, and half-jokingly claimed they were gonna go on
a vacation there together sometime.
<> Weird; I started watching tonight's show at 12:37, and ended at 1:37 ...
I guess I paused and rewound things enough to balance the time I saved with
fast forwarding through commercials.  Hmm.


<> "You could read the price tag on her bra!"
<> "Hal hasn't worked here in six years."
<> "When you get to prison, your ass is mine, Winona."
<> "Jews don't have Halloween; we sell the candy!"


<> I spoke to Art today on the telephone.  You know, "The Late Show" ...
"please hold" ... that guy. No details, just the facts.  Nice guy, he is.


<> Decent show tonight ... Mailbag was feh, Rickles was amusing, Gaffigan
was forgettable-hell, I've forgotten his set, and I finished the show 4
minutes ago.  Clearly not the best show of the week, but not bad for a
Friday show, and a superb week overall.  Until Monday,
Micah (vote early and often)
"This may just last a day.  Or a month.  Or until it gets really
* Me, 3.21.02