Bumpers #129 - Assisted By On-Location Help From Alan Page - Wednesday
10.30.02 - Show #1895 Guests: Legendary Singer/Songwriter Warren Zevon!
 Featured Segments: Ways New York City Is Cutting Back, Is This Anything?
(returns!), Three Warren Zevon Performances


= ACT 1
Crossover Tune      ~   "Rottweiler Blues", Warren Zevon ("Mutineer", 1995)
End of ACT 1 CB    ~   "Johnny Strikes Up The Band", Warren Zevon ("Excitable
Boy", 1978)
= ACT 2
ITA? Exhibition       ~   "Sabre Dance", Aram Khachaturian
TTL Outro Music     ~   "Seminole Bingo", Warren Zevon (I think)
End of ACT 2 CB    ~   "Lawyers, Guns and Money", Warren Zevon ("Excitable
Boy", 1978)
= ACT 3
Warren Zevon Ent.  ~   "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead", Warren Zevon ("Warren
Zevon", 1976)
End of ACT 3 CB    ~   "Veracruz", Warren Zevon ("Excitable Boy", 1978)
= ACT 4
Zevon Performance ~   "Mutineer" (available on "Genius: The Best of Warren
Zevon", 2002, as well as two previous releases) End of ACT 4 CB    ~
  "Searching For a Heart", Warren Zevon ("Mr. Bad Example", 1991)
= ACT 5
ACT 5 Sweep         ~   (same as above)
= ACT 6
Zevon Performance ~   "Genius" (first available on 2002's "My Ride's Here")
End of ACT 6 CB    ~   "Desperados Under The Eaves", Warren Zevon ("Warren
Zevon", 1976)
= ACT 7
Zevon Performance ~   "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner" (available on
"Genius: The Best of Warren Zevon", 2002, as well as four previous
releases) End of Broadcast    ~   (reprise of above)


<> I actually kinda enjoyed the OJ/Winona joke.  <> Irving Berlin Zevon,
haha.  But no, I love it when Dave runs down a list of a performer's work.
<> "What is this, Vassar?"  I loved it last night, and I'm loving it tonight.
Well Jesus, he's dissing Snickers, then he praises M&Ms, then he disses M&
Ms.  I don't want to be the one to present the news that both Snickers and
M& Ms are M&M/Mars company products.  (Thank *you*, 6th grade project on
candy and chocolate.)
<> Jesus, where did they dig up that New York footage?  I'd almost bet that
was pre-WTC, but not really.
<> An extremely short biography of Tyrone Power: He was born 5/5/1914, in
Cincinnati, OH, and died 11/15/1958, of a heart attack, in Madrid, Spain.
This has been an extremely short biography of Tyrone Power.  (Source:imdb.com)
<> I'd love to have seen a shot of Paul between the TTL Outro and the end
of ACT 2 shot; he must've flown from the piano to the keyboard there.  <>
Well F-me ... I'll be *damned* if the cable company didn't decide to take
tonight to do their little 15-second emergency interruption during Warren's
first segment.
<> Wow.  I ain't afraid to admit it, nor am I ashamed to admit it: I shed a
few tears at the end of "Mutineer".  A beautiful song, and it was
beautifully capped by Dave and Warren's subtle but loving exchange
immediately after it.  <> Go Paul on the bongos (it seems), during "Genius". 
<> "Genius" was superb, especially because of the strings ...
the strings were wonderful.
<> Interesting note that I saw from on the Zevon newsgroup, from
chrisdoiron@cox.net, who was at the taping [Donz's posting of this post in
its entirety also came up for me since I added this quote in this post]: "I
don't know if it is normal procedure on the Late Show, or if Warren needed
them, but the lyrics were on cue cards that were shown to him off camera.
 The cue card guy was actually on the other side of the piano during
Mutineer and Roland and in front of him during Genius." <> Another post on
alt.music.zevon mentioned "Seminole Bingo" being played somewhere during
the show, possibly, but I don't know the song well enough to have
heard/recognized it (if anyone else heard it, feel free to add some input).
<> Nice that the band closed out on "Roland". It was the first time since
the 5/1/02 show that such a substitution took place, and a most logical and
appropriate decision.


<> "Millie will only be partially modern."
<> "It could've been something; sadly, it was not."
<> "Why should we do what he wants to do?"
<> "Don't be fooled. Don't be fooled by cosmetics."
<> "Dave's the best friend my music has ever had."
<> He'll be our only guest tonight, and we couldn't be happier that he's
with us.


<> Superb program; I was honestly much more touched by it than I'd
anticipated.  Definitely one of the top shows ever.  That's about all I
have to say on it, and that's all I need to say.  Thanks again to Alan for
the help.
Until tomorrow,
Micah ("Enjoy every sandwich")
(Rest in peace, Jam Master Jay - <
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