The Late Show with David Letterman
                          Guests: Don Rickles & Jim Gaffigan

Show #1897

We were numbered 28 & 29 so we found our place near the front of the line. A few minutes later, we went into the outer lobby with the 300 or so others.

***[This number 28 & 29 is such a nice thing...until you know that the access point to walk to the front of the line was way back down the street.  We checked the numbers and entered UNDER the restraining rope thingie. It would have been fine except my back was not exactly supposed to be moving like that. I didn't even think about it. I did not realize it was bothering me until later. All the exercise walking was a good thing. There was a delay in the pain until the next day. As we entered the theater, to be seated, it was not so bad being in the line. We were on the edge and I spent some time visiting with Dorothy, the security guard and another page. It was then time for the prep and I actually wanted to see a couple get tossed out on their ear.]

Our talk here was near the same as the night before, but for the general audience, without the “you’re the start of laughter” parts. During one point, some person in the group made some groans and comments and they were quickly shut-up by a frightful stare by the page. At this point, I saw what they were expecting. People not paying attention to what was going on. Each pep talk is used for the purpose of making sure the audience is in the correct frame of mind and they won’t need to be thrown out due to behavior. I’m sure the person that made the comment was at least warned about what he had done.

We enter the theater and were seated in the center section, 4th row from the front, 3rd & 4th seats from the stage right aisle. We’d be in front of Dave for his monologue and for Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up. The opening band introduction, tape and comments were the same as Wednesday night. Dave came running out again, the same way.

After his monologue, the lights went dark while Dave was at the desk. One of a couple technical goofs that happened. The next was when the scrim was raised too early before the Will It Float? segment. Don Rickles was typical Don Rickles. He’s much shorter in person. Tom Cavanaugh came out during Paul’s solo and caped him. Being a Friday taping, there would be no audience sweep. Jim Gaffigan had a funny stand-up segment and I was surprised that he was so close to the camera while doing it.

***[This show can best be described as "more" by me. More distractions from the massive audience around me, and more people on the stage. There was motion everywhere and my eyes went with it.  It was almost as if I was looking through a busy crowd doing stuff and had to try and find the core of the show.  I was bored during Rickles' part of the show. He had said almost the very same thing on his last appearance. There appeared to be some revisions happening at one point. Tony was busy with the cards...the 'brothers' busy talking with each other.  Dave stood a moment and seemed to be editing a card with Eddie Brill standing close to his left.  The only way I can try and explain the way this show felt to me was like being at a football game and standing behind the bench. All the players etc. flowing in front. You can see the quarterback, but really can't watch anything much without quickly being distracted. I really don't remember much of the content.  I remember none of Gaffigan's jokes.  I do remember thinking that he was taller than I thought he should be. The show was over quickly.  Everyone seemed in a hurry to shut down and get out. Made sense. It was the last show of the week.]

This show seemed to be over faster than the Warren show, but it did take the same amount of time. As we left the theater, I spotted Wahoo Mike sitting in the guest chair with Alan Kalter next to him. I decided not to try to get his attention…he works way too hard on the show as it is.  We went back to Kinko’s and posted the PLSQGs for the Thursday & Friday shows. Dinner that night was at a restaurant on Broadway. Ellen's had singing wait staff and being Halloween, it made for a bit of a different show.lan's report. Alan will be very wordy and share exactly all the details that everyone wants to read.

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