Tony Mendez Tour of The Ed Sullivan Theater and Taping of TMS

We exit back up the aisle and down the stairs to the lobby. The audience is led through the theater and out the side doors onto 53rd street. We turn right, instead of left, and tell the page who is blocking the route, Tony wants to see us. She lets us pass by and I drag Sharon down the aisle towards Tony with (TMS Producer) Walter Kim on the digital video camera shooting the Tony Mendez Show. Tony begins talking to us and Sharon is speechless. Tony has fun and shows her when to talk, when the microphone is in front of her. I pull out a gift for Tony. (I had decided while planning the trip that Tony could use a genuine Tony Mendez Show mug. It could be used on the TMS to hold the microphone.) I told him that he could place the microphone in his new mug and his mug lit up. We had totally surprised him. The screen shot of the mug was used to promote our appearance on the TMS. We proceeded onstage and took the required pictures of us behind the desk. Sharon sat in the guest seat that Warren had occupied during the panel segment. I sat behind the desk and acted like I was interviewing her.

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