It's been 9 years since I first stepped into the Ed Sullivan Theater. That trip was on September 22, 1993...Dave's show #18 with CBS with guests Tony Randall, Elizabeth Perkins & Aaron Neville.

My second LSwDL was episode #160 in Los Angeles with Bette Midler & Traffic as guests. Johnny Carson made his only cameo appearance since leaving the Tonight Show.

This trip started in July, 2002 when I was contacted by the Late Show. I was asked when I wanted to attend and how many tickets were being requested. I then asked Sharon to accompany me.  Sharon agreed that she was ready to see the big show, her first time.

After finding out what weeks the show was dark, I choose October 30, the first Wednesday back from a dark week, the day before Halloween. Planning for a return to New York City included visiting the site of the World Trade Center as a priority.  Other sightseeing stops would be planned and filled in as time became available. Having lived in NYC for the most part of 1980, I knew my way around and how to get to various places.   Only 3 months to get it all together.Arch02.jpg

Plane reservations were made to meet Sharon in St. Louis. We would fly to Baltimore/Washington airport and take Amtrak, from the BWI train station, into Manhattan at Pennsylvania Station.

The Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, on 8th Avenue, was chosen as our place to stay. With more communication between us, we made the list of places to visit and when to do each one.  The only time we reserved was to pick up the tickets for the show by 4:30 PM and the show itself. We would leave on Saturday, November 2, traveling back to BWI on Amtrak.

Sharon would fly home and I would stay in Maryland. I would visitTD&D.jpg Philadelphia and DC then continue to St. Louis on Thursday, November 7. With all this in mind...we decided to keep our trip a secret from our friends in the newsgroup. They can be such an inquisitive bunch.


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        Show #1895 
             LSQG- Zevon   
            Bumpers- Zevon

        Show #1897    
   LSQG-Rickles & Gaffigan
  Bumpers- Rickles & Gaffigan

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